Here at Portfolio we’re passionate about exploring and pushing the creative boundaries to help our clients grow and create better interactions with their customers.  In such a fast-paced competitive landscape it’s fair to say that brand communications these days need to have the edge to be successful.

It’s proven and we find this works best across the mix of communication channels. It’s not always the hard sales push that wins the day, it’s building relationships with customers – creating engaging content, getting them to interact and become emotive with your brand.

In 2016, a study by social media analytics company Unmetric, which tracked social campaigns throughout the year to determine which ones performed the best in terms of engagement. What stood out from the study was the increase in brand videos, which shifted trend from sharing 30 second TV spots to longer brand story telling which is authentic and emotive, not just on a consumer level but also a humane one too. There was also an sharp increase in user-generated content, encouraging consumers to tell their own stories with shares and hashtags across FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram. This is incredibly empowering and engagement rates were higher for those with a focused and pro-active strategy.

Nando’s is a great example of a brand that uses social media to great effect. Take a look at this case study, they have a dedicated team utilising a mixture of images, videos and text to create interesting, humorous content for their online communities – they are also extremely pro-active with their responses (around the clock) creating a personal brand experience that gratifies the customer making them feel special and connected.

We’ve seen it time and time again, where businesses think they must have a FaceBook or a Twitter page because its what everyone else is doing, only to reveal it does nothing for them, they have very few likes, shares responses etc. This can be down to a number of factors. Content is king, but ultimately it’s having that unique understanding of your target audience and what social networks best suit your industry.

We manage creative content for a mixture of SME’s to large global brands, all with clear, results-driven creative strategies that build experiences and create interactions with customers. The beauty is, everything is measurable and the metric data that’s acquired can provide invaluable insights into consumer logic.

So, i’ll leave you with a little showreel of ours, and of course if you fancy a brew we’re more than happy to come and discuss how we can grow your brand and breath life into your campaigns.