Brand personality is not just about how your customers see you, it is how you as a business owner see, hear and feel your business, its how people relate and engage with your business. Having the right tone ‘of voice’ is important, however, letting your personality shine through your work and showing your passion behind the company ethos matters most.

It’s taking into consideration your service or products; it’s how your website looks, how it navigates and most importantly, can people understand what your trying to offer?

Are you delivering 100% of your personality within all aspects of your business – if your brand was your own profile picture, would you be proud, satisfied or would you be reaching out for a filter?

Your customers journey from initial research to aftercare is formed by your brands personality and it’s not just what you do, it’s how you showcase your personality that is important- which is why all your marketing messages play an essential role.


Marketing Message- What is this?

So, you now have a personality…

Next step is being able to provide the right ‘tone of voice’ as part of your brand strategy and deliver your marketing messages so that they portray your corporate values and vision. This includes the choice of words, phrases and all imagery used. Once set in place, your marketing messages should be consistent across all communications and reflect the businesses principles and your personality.

Before you rush to get your marketing messages out there, you need to think about your vision and how your want to sum up the personality of the brand… edgy, factual, corporate, energetic, fun? Its worth getting views from staff, loyal clients and close family members, however, just remember you have the overall say, your personality must shine through your business not theirs. Take into account what they say and use it to make informed decisions that are still true to your brand and personality.

Start by drawing a customer journey map, what vital messages would you like to provide through each step of the customer journey… are you attracting the right ones? There are no right or wrong answers but understanding your company’s personality is imperative in order to connect with your audience effectively and meet or exceed their expectations.

Take time- but not too long.

Creating a brand personality and effective marketing messages can take a lot of planning and preparation and you shouldn’t rush this part. However, if you take too long, you’ll be missing out on crucial moments within your business and effectively new business.

A quick alternative is to tweak existing materials rather than change your brand dramatically and then create a full marketing plan based on your brand with strict deadlines. Websites, printed brochures, social media accounts may be first on your list of things to change.

Once implemented you should start to see how having a strong brand personality and on point marketing messages, that are applied consistently, will be measurable to your business, this will include: increased sales, improved staff retention, referral opportunities and most importantly increased profits.


Keep up to date

Now you have a personality and you’re able to provide clear marketing messages, you need to keep up to date with the tone of voice. You can keep on top of things with free applications, business articles or following key accounts on social media – Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

If you would like to have a chat with us about how we can help with your brand personality or help to apply key marketing messages, please email or call us on 01204 383822


Portfolio Top Tip…

Try not to copy what other businesses in your field do, always go for your personality traits and what you envisage your business to look and feel like. Never be a copycat, only browse through competitors to see what they’re doing and see how you can do it better. If you follow the crowd you will only ever go where the crowd takes you, step out from the crowd and go to places you’ve never been before, get noticed!